What can we expect?

Our workshops are all about capturing fresh creativity. We compose and craft unique pieces of music using the ideas of the participants. We make it fun, involve everyone and try to make each project different from the last.

How do I know?

We try to be as flexible as possible in the service we offer. If you have any needs that are not mentioned in ‘What we Offer’, please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.

How much do music workshops/projects cost?

The cost of each project varies as some are partly grant-funded. We have experience and past success in applying for funding from various sources. Please contact us directly for specific cost details.

What is included in the cost?

Depending on the project, each workshop includes professional music leaders, instrument and equipment hire, expenses and administration costs.

Do you need to be able to play an instrument to take part?

All our workshops are ‘open-access’, which means that anybody can take part whatever their previous experience of music making. We believe that everyone has some level of innate ability and we strive to bring this out of all those taking part. We differentiate to suit the abilities of all individuals taking part. We strive to impart new skills and build confidence in existing ones.

What groups does Evolve Music work with?

As well as Early Years and School groups, we work with a range of community groups. This includes Brownies, Scouts, youth groups and other similar community run organisations. We are open to working with any community based group which wants to use music to bring people together and we love working with a range of ages.

Is there a performance element with Evolve Music projects?

Our projects usually have a performance element but this is not compulsory. The Evolve Music process is the main focus however we find that our high standard performances build confidence and pride. It is a great opportunity for participants to show family and friends what they have achieved.

What people are saying about us:

"Working with Evolve Music has been inspirational, they bring high quality musicianship to an open studio environment that values everyone's contributions."
Penny Hay, Director of Research 5x5x5=creativity

"It was such an inspirational day which was great fun. It was great to get the opportunity to play the recorder with a different group of musicians."

"It was fun and I learned how to create music with simple objects. Playing the violin was strange at first, but once I got the hang of it, I loved seeing how the violin could be part of a bigger sound."

"Wow! Rated 5/5 for workshop enjoyment. The best bit was getting to join in and explore instruments with my children. Thank you Evolve Music."

"The Evolve Music team brought a unique experience to our school which has benefited the students in ways above and beyond our expectations. The opportunity to create music together, all on an equal basis, has brought both confidence and joy to the students."
Hannah Brown - Crowdys Hil School, Swindon

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