Sound Lab Plus (Pilot)

About the Pilot Project

Sound Lab Plus was a partnership project between Evolve Music and Wansdyke Play Association which provided access to new creative music-making expeirences for a group of young people with additional needs. As well as delevoping music skills the sessions supported the participants wellbeing and personal and social development. The project took place in Midsomer Norton Town Hall with the aim to develop a regular opportunity for young people to make music in the Somer Valley area.

Project Aims:

  • To offer a safe environment for young people with additional needs to make friends and build strong relationships through collaborative music-making.
  • To offer state of the art assistive music technology to provide a fully inclusive expeirence for all.
  • To provide a participant led approach allowing the young people to choose the music they create and why.
  • To foster a love of music in young people.
  • To offer young people the chance to explore sound and try a range of instruments.
  • To improve a range of social and emotional skills and to build confidence.

Photos from Past Projects